Printed Tissue Paper

Promoting your own brand by using printed tissue paper and grease proof paper is becoming increasingly popular. Investigating this avenue for the first time can be daunting. Hydon Paper can offer advice on food approved papers from grease resistant paper to tissue paper and waxed Kraft paper. All inks used are food safe. Please see our guide below which may answer some of your questions: –

Random Print

The most popular choice, random printing places your design or logo evenly over the page. It is quick to produce and therefore a less expensive option. Ideal for smaller designs.

Registered Print

With registered print your logo or design is placed in exactly the same position on each sheet. Suited to larger designs.

Both the above print choices are available with food safe inks in up to four colours.

Flood Print

Flood Print produces a simple solid sheet of colour all over the sheet. e.g. all red or all blue.

Minimum Order Quantities

The minimum order quantity or MOQ is determined by the sheet size. Production quantities typically start at 25,000 sheets but if the sheet size is small say 9″ x 9″ (225mm x 225mm expect to buy more. Pricing is per 1000 sheets.

Artwork & Tooling

If you are buying printed greaseproof paper for the first time, we can assist with your design. There will be a one off artwork/tooling charge of roughly £150 to £200. Repeat orders would not incur this charge.

Lead Times and Packaging

Typically 4 weeks from when the artwork is approved. Reams are normally packed in 500’s or 1000’s wrapped in brown Kraft paper. Reams can be labelled to your requirements and include a bar-code. All prices included delivery to one UK address.

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Example of printed greaseproof paper with random print

Example of Random Print



Example of printed greaseproof paper with registered print

Example of Registered Print



Example of grease resistant paper with black flood print

Example of flood print in black.