Baking Paper

We offer a range of silicone papers for your baking purposes. The most popular baking paper is our “Hybake” brand, a bleached silicone coated greaseproof paper. Or try our “Goldbake” a natural brown siliconised greaseproof paper.

If you are looking for colour alternatives, we can offer pink, orange, yellow, green and highly popular blue siliconised greaseproof papers. These are the perfect choice for product identification (such as Gluten Free or Halal products.)

Finally if your requirement dictates multiple releases and superb wet strength then please ask about our silicone coated vegetable parchment baking papers.

We’re here to help you tailor your daily baking demands with the correct silicone coated baking paper.

Please see our spec sheets below, additionally a full technical data sheet is available upon request.


“Hybake” – Bleached Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper

The most popular baking paper we offer is our Hybake paper, a bleached two sided silicone coated greaseproof paper. Hybake is suitable for multiple releases, making this product extremely economical. Hybake ex-stock sheet sizes with normal delivery is within 72 hours: –

  • 500 x 750mm (20″ x 30″)
  • 450 x 750mm (18″ x 30″)
  • 450 x 700mm (18″ x 28″)
  • 450 x 650mm (18″ x 26″)
  • 400 x 600mm (16″ x 24″)
Hybake bleached solicone coated greaseproof paper

Hybake Bleached Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper

Siliconsed greaseproof paper used to bake a tray of buns

Tray of rolls baked on Hybake Paper

“Goldbake” Unbleached Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper

Our Goldbake product has exactly the same properties as the Hybake above, except that it’s a natural, golden brown colour.

Making meringues on siliconised greaseproof paper .jpg

Our Goldbake Siliconised Unbleached Greaseproof has excellent release qualities

Coloured Silicone Coated Greaseproof Papers

Coloured baking papers are very popular for identification purposes. For example if Halal products are cooked, these need to be identified separately from other products. Coloured siliconised paper also offer multiple releases and are offered in various colours, with blue being the most popular.

coloured baking paper, silicone coated greaseproof paper

Coloured Baking Paper

Bleached Silicone Coated Vegetable Parchment Paper

Bleached Silicone coated vegetable parchment baking papers will be of interest to customers who require superior wet strength and superb release properties. This paper is ideal for the handling of raw products prior to baking.

Siliconised vegetable Parchment Paper used to bake a pie.

Siliconised Vegetable Parchment Paper used to bake a pie

Bespoke Sizes

All the above papers are available in bespoke sizes and can also be supplied as discs. To discuss your specific requirements please contact us.

Delivery and Packaging

Our sheeted baking papers are normally sold in pallet quantities. Reams are individually wrapped in a choice of blue polywrap, brown Kraft or cardboard cartons. Typically each ream contains 480 sheets with 100 reams per pallet. For smaller quantities e.g. half a pallet, please contact us to discuss.

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