Food Packaging Paper

Hydon Paper specialise in providing food packaging paper.  Silicone Coated Baking Papers and Grease Resistant Papers for the food sector.  We are a major supplier of Grease Resistant Paper to packaging companies, also supplying food distribution companies. We are also a leading supplier of Silicone Coated Greaseproof Papers to bakeries throughout the UK and into Europe, from large industrial and wholesale bakeries to retail and artisan bakers.

“HYBAKE” – Bleached Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper. Bleached Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper Hybake specification v1.1.pdf
“GOLDBAKE” – Unbleached Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper. Unbleached Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper Goldbake- pecification-v1.1.pdf
Coloured Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper. Coloured Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper specification v1.1.pdf
Silicone Coated Vegetable Parchment. Paper Specification
Interleaving Silicone Paper
– for raw meats & burgers etc.
Meat Interleaving Paper Specification Sheet v1.1.pdf
Pure Bleached Greaseproof Paper. Pure Greaseproof Paper Specification Sheet v1.1.pdf
Tissue Paper
-All grades available
Acid Free Tissue Paper Specification
Imitation Greaseproof
Waxed Papers for Dairy Products
Meat Saver/Retainer

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Overprinting with brand name and/or logo.
Perforated and pre-folded papers.
Small, shaped papers.

Delivery and Packaging

Our sheeted food papers are sold and shipped by the pallet load. Reams are individually wrapped in a choice of blue polywrap, brown Kraft or cardboard cartons. Typically each ream contains 480 sheets, with 100 reams per pallet.


Looking for paper? Contact us todayHybake Goldbake andColoured silicone coated greaseproof paper
paper for pastiesPaper-for baking
Loaf trimmed squareFood packaging paper