Biodegradable Paper

Hydon Paper aims to supply paper which meets the following categories of waste quality: –


Biodegradable material will degrade/break down/rot through the action of a naturally occurring microorganism, such as bacteria, fungi etc. over time, dependent upon the local conditions e.g. temperature, sunlight, surrounding substances or compounds and moisture.


Compostability is the same as biodegradability but the rotting process is shorter.  As the paper degrades no toxic material is produced and once broken down it looks like compost and is able to support plant life. In the appropriate environment disintegration should take effect within 12 weeks.


Papers supplied by Hydon Paper can be recycled for use as new products.

Paper Assurance

Individual Statements regarding the waste qualities of specific papers can be supplied on request.

Our paper can be recycled Biodegradable paper light