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If you would like to receive our sample pack containing a range of our papers please fill in your details below: –

Sample Packs requested will be sent out by within 5 working days, if your request is urgent please indicate this in the comments field.  Please note we deliver in pallet quantities and our minimum order value is £500.

Our packs contain samples of : –

Siliconised greaseproof Paper; bleached silicone coated greaseproof paper,   unbleached silicone coated greaseproof paper, coloured silicone coated greaseproof paper, silicone coated vegetable parchment and pure greaseproof paper, waxed tissue paper, printed greaseproof paper,  printed tissue paper, printed pure bleached Kraft, printed silicone coated greaseproof paper, embossed Kraft paper and waxed Kraft paper.

Please let us know which papers you are specifically interested in and we will happily send extra sheets for you to assess.

Sample pack containing siliconised greaseproof paper, tissue and grease resistant paper.

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