Grease Resistant Paper

Hydon Paper offer a wide range of grease resistant papers from  world-renowned mills who supply  major players in the food packaging industry.

Our papers cover the complete range of grease resistance from sandwich wrapping and fast food bags to liners for tray bakes used in high temperature environments. These papers are ideally suited for corrugating, shape-forming and gluing to other substrates.  They can be supplied with one or two sides barrier-coated, depending on the end use.

The level of grease resistance (GR) – measured as a KIT value from a low of 1 up to a high of 9 – depends on the end use of the food packaging.

For example, paper which comes into contact with “drier” foodstuffs for a short period of time will have a lower KIT value than those in contact for a longer time span with a higher grease content.

If the application is subjected to oven temperatures, as in the case of tray bakes, then the grease resistance level (KIT) will normally be higher.

These papers perform extremely well at high oven temperatures (maximum 30 minutes at 220°C) whilst retaining a good light fastness. We can also provide specific papers for food wrappings where a high grease barrier is required, such as for butter and margarine.  Papers can also be laminated to aluminum or PE extrusion coatings. Should you require grease resistant paper for conversion to baking cups our papers are excellent for denesting with special treatment to the paper surface. Available in sheets and reels.

Offering a range of qualities from 32gsm to 80gsm our papers are ideally suited to a wide variety of uses.

If your aim is to promote your product through the use of printed grease resistant papers, this is also something Hydon Paper can offer with printing up to 4 colours on sheets and reels.  We will be happy to discuss the most suitable product for you.

These award-winning mills carry all the relevant accreditation required for the food industry – BRC/IoP, ISEGA, FDA and are also FSC/PEFC approved.

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