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Greaseproof paper we have none leftHave you checked your stock level recently?

Please help us to help you. The last thing we want is for a customer to run out of paper causing disruption to your production line. So please order early to ensure continued supply!


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Random Printed Greaseproof Paper

Random Printed Greaseproof Paper

For all you bakers out there, re-branding and refitting your shops can be an expensive proposition but with intelligent design you can increase your sales significantly. Your customers’ attitude to fresh, light and attractive layouts greatly increases footfall.

Adding your logo onto printed greaseproof paper so that your customers take your brand home will increase the probability of a repeat visit. See examples of printed food and greaseproof paper.

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British Baker Magazine

British baker magazine coverStacey’s Bakery set to mark National Sausage Roll Day with 30ft pastry.

Derbyshire-based bakery Stacey’s will celebrate National Sausage Roll Day on 5 June 2017 by making a 30ft sausage roll. The giant sausage roll will be displayed at the front of its Ilkeston bakery and pieces given away to customers.

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