Paper for Agriculture

Hydon Paper  provide paper for farming in the form of dairy  wipes and c-fold towels for farmers, from small herds to large industrial dairy farms and farmers cooperatives or consortiums.   We supply Dairy Wipes and C Fold Towels manufactured for the dairy farmer with hygiene and cost in mind.   Supplied by the pallet keeping our prices the best in the business.  As we supply by the pallet, farmers  cooperatives provide an ideal solution, allowing individual  small farms to benefit from from our lower prices.

Products for Farmers
Dairy Wipe B
Pre-milking hygiene standards are essential in reducing the risk of the spread of pathogens including mastitis within a dairy herd.    Each dairy wipe is ideal for teat cleaning; removing mud and dirt before milking starts.  Dairy wipes are ideal for use in the milking parlour maintaining pre-milking hygiene.

C Fold Towels
The ‘C’ Fold Towel is a disposable single towel suitable for all washroom environments. It is highly absorbent, easy to store and dispense.  Each case is shrink wrapped in polypropylene keeping towels dry and secure.
Paper for farming
Paper for farming, dairy wipes
 Paper for farming -C fold towel
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